Virtual Tumbleweed

Since this blog still gets a surprising amount of hits, and since I also haven’t been able to keep content flowing nearly as freely as I would’ve liked, I’ve decided that a change in policy is in order.

When I first started this blog my intention was to keep it away from the virtual echo style that merely regurgitates content from elsewhere while hoping that someday, somehow, someone just might stumble across it and care. I wanted to it to be about good worthwhile content. Content that was probably way too serious, highbrow and intellectual to fit neatly within a blog type format. But screw it, I thought. I’ll rage against the machine and do things my way, anyway.

Since then this blog has received a wildly variable amount of attention. From virtual tumbleweed (most of the time) to a mini explosion of hits when certain articles have been lucky enough to get picked up by more mainstream sites. To my residual audience that still visits here occasionally hoping for fresh updates, it saddens me that I no longer have  the necessary time to keep your intellectual appetite sated.

The good news is that I will be attempting to update in a much more regular fashion in future.

The bad news is that it will mostly be in the annoying blogging style that I swore would never befall this place.

Future updates will also be more focussed toward my other passion – world cinema, and other disparate elements of pop culture in general that I feel are worthy of comment. Video games included.

To everyone that has visited and commented so far – be it here, or via other sites where my articles have appeared – I thank you humbly.  I hope that you continue to enjoy the blog, or find one that takes much better care of you than this one has.

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